Hello world!

Mary Lambert, her song secrets should really be my new theme song maybe even my new motto. I used to write all the time, not a care in the world but then people started to use my words against me and one day I just never picked up the pen. There were many times I tried to start again but I just couldn’t get through that initial push for the words to start flowing. I would start writing and then I would start thinking who’s going to read this what are they going to say when they read this? Will they hate it or they like it, will they use it against me while they try to hurt me with my words that I created. And then the pen would fall to the paper, I’d walk away with all the thoughts still trapped inside me. But you know what I’m tired of keeping the thoughts inside of me keeping my secrets inside of me and so now I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are. Someone recently in my life told me that it’s easy for people to introduce themselves to you and tell you all the great experiences and all the great accomplishments that they’ve done in their life but to really know somebody, to know their character and to really appreciate who they are and where they come from you Gotta know their faults because it’s through those faults and through that strength that built their character. So if you want to follow my blog and step into my world to read my thoughts then enjoy, if not no loss to me. 


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